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'07 Throwback Site Design!

March 26th, 2015

8 long years ago... this website looked somewhat similar to how it looks right now. The bright color scheme and retro style from back in 2007 was apparently a fan favorite. So, after getting multiple requests, I decided to apply that same touch of magic to the new site design. Personally, I'm loving the look. You? Let me know...

Where's the dot com? I threw it away. has been renamed, and from now on will be known as simply "Become A Player" (or BAP as most of you already like to call it). It felt redundant to leave .com in the name when everyone obviously knows that already. Besides, it was making my new title art look stupid.

A little birdy told me... that it would be a cool idea to make certain quotes on the website Tweet-able with a single click. I told that little bird to go fuck himself, so he came back with an entire flock. Now there's Twitter birds all over the website, perched next to any text they think should be Tweeted. I guess they're here to stay.

New discussion system! I know, I know. The discussion feature was JUST added to the site, about... a week ago, but I couldn't help myself. The Facebook comment system that I was using turned out to be more annoying than people who think saying YOLO is cool, so I ditched it. The new and improved discussion system that I put in is working much better now. See for yourself.

Move along. There's nothing left to see here.

Seduction ArticleSeduction Article

10 Steps: How To Make Out With A Girl

by Julian Webb

Be Good At Making Out With Girls Be Good At Making Out With Girls Did you know your saliva is a natural aphrodisiac? When a man kisses a girl, the testosterone in his saliva is transferred to her, causing a hormonal reaction in her body, arousing her sex drive and feelings of intimacy.

Cool, huh? Your saliva is sexy. It's a scientific fact!

But unless you plan on spitting at girls and hoping it makes them like you (please don't do that), you're going to have to get good at kissing if you want to put this seductive power of yours to good use. And the biggest part of being a good kisser is knowing how to make a girl want to kiss you in the first place.

So kick up your heels and relax. Let's talk about out how to make out with girls the way they want you to, and you can put that saliva of yours to good use...

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Seduction Book ReviewSeduction Book Review

How To Be A Jerk Like Me

- by The Jerk
Attract More Girls Than You Can Handle Attract More Girls Than You Can Handle What sets "Jerk Like Me" apart from the rest is its "fun factor".

It seems like just about every page in this book has at least one or two lines that will genuinely make you laugh out loud or smile, and all the while you'll still be learning how to pick up hot girls.

The writing in "How To Be A Jerk Like Me" is simply hilarious and entertaining, but that doesn't mean the important part - the REAL content - has been watered down to make room for the humor. You will definitely learn a lot about picking up girls (particularly one night stands and booty calls) as you read this book.

In his own funny and sarcastic way, The Jerk still manages to get his points across and teach you a ton of seduction ideas that are true gems. For example; one minute you'll be learning a great way to pull a hot girl away from...

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An important message from the author...

Why choose as your #1 source to learn how to meet, pick up, seduce and attract girls?

Are you sick and tired of not being able to pick up the kind of girls that you WANT to be dating because you are afraid of rejection, feel you are unworthy or simply just don't know how to attract girls the right way? Would you like to have a hot girlfriend by next week? Perhaps even a few to choose from before settling down? At this website, the free seduction guide, you can learn exactly how to pick up girls and develop the social skills that will last a lifetime!

Do you want to be able to meet and pick up girls that you've considered to be out of your league in the past? Do you want to learn how to break free from the inhibitions and social phobias that have prevented you from having success with girls up until now? Browse through this website and you will learn how to seduce girls in such a way that others will think your skills are entirely natural. Picking up girls is easier than you think if you have the right knowledge.

Just the fact that you are reading this right now means that you're already half way there, and achieving your goal is now within your grasp. In front of you is a wealth of free seduction advice that will help you develop the skills you will need to be a player and pick up girls that you want.

At this website you can learn:

- How to attract girls that you desire, consistently.
- To know what girls want, then tease them with it.
- How to read body language signals from girls.
- How to approach girls without feeling awkward.
- Seduction techniques that are proven to work.
- Flirting strategies that will get you past obstacles.
- How to meet hot girls online quickly and easily.
- Motivate yourself and achieve success with girls.
- To be confident arounds girls, and everyone else.
- How to be a real man, and let girls know it.
- How to pick up girls at bars, clubs, and parties.
- All of the other stuff your dad never taught you.

...and that's just scratching the surface.

This website is considered by many to be the best starting point for new pick up artists that have just made their first step into the community, as well as a viable resource for even the most seasoned of veterans. At this free seduction guide, you will begin to learn all of the basic techniques and rules for picking up girls. After that, you'll find so many advanced seduction tricks and secrets to sink your teeth into, you'll never have enough time to use it all. With all of this free information at your fingertips, your success with girls is almost guaranteed.

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